Amblitz Mk.II
Assault Type

Fighting Style:Mobile Assault
Faction:Intra-Sol Federation
The Amblitz is a joint venture between the Intra-Sol Federation and the Laboratory, to produce a modern mech capable of operating efficiently in the new battlefields around the gas giants. The Assault pack allows it to specialize in a frontline role, making full use of its agility in combat. Jeanne managed to customize her unit to improve its forward mobility and close range ability even more, fitting her newfound style.
Ease of use:8 Power:4
Range:4 Mobility:7
Offense:6 Defense:4

Pilot: Jeanne

Jeanne abandoned her studies and joined the ISF army after both her parents died during a conflict on Mars. Having finished her training recently, she was sent to the calmer Saturn area to protect supplies. Most of her paycheck goes to support her younger siblings, in order to allow them to live the life she couldn't.


Shoot your railgun to push yourself at long range, or use the bayonet to approach!

Ferrofluid ┬ÁPropulsors

Use fast movement to blow through slow attacks!

All-Range Assault

Quickly reposition during fights using all the Amblitz's moves!

Gameplay Overview

A fast mech that can quickly move around the battlefield, the Amblitz Mk.II Assault Type is never out of options. Its Railgun can switch modes between shooting projectiles and a long bayonet, making it a versatile weapon. This is complemented by the FF Saber on its left arm, allowing it to stay dangerous at close range, and its mounted vulcans to hit awkward angles.

Strengths: The Amblitz Mk.II can use its mobility and versatile attacks to switch ranges at will, with a preference for closing in. Its polarized specials allows it to have strong tools for their preferred range. The movement in its normals allows it to cover the screen while moving, which makes it very strong in neutral.

Weaknesses: With its limited mixups, opening up opponents is hard, and knockdowns will only lead to basic pressure. The Assault's Polarity mechanic will force it to switch up its range often, which means you have to give up some strengths to stay at a specific range. There is also a lack of a meterless reversal, meaning that when caught up by the opponent, you will have to block and use your mobility when a gap presents itself to return to neutral.

Play if:

Avoid if:

Special Mechanic: Polarity

Polarity is the mechanic shared by all Amblitz Mk.II models which powers up your two main specials. Using the Railgun (PA) will power up your next Bayonet (PB), and vice versa. You can also charge both polarities using Magnetic Step (MH).

Key Moves and Strategy

The Assault Type has a lot of moves that can cover a fair part of the screen and move it at the same time. Its strengths rely more on neutral presence than pressure or mixup, so you shouldn't be scared of disengaging to find a better opportunity.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you'll have to be comfortable acting at both long and close range. The Assault Type will naturally cycle between the two ranges when trying to take advantage of its Polarity mechanic, but it has a bias towards closing in. Area control with the Assault Type will be more about pushing the opponent back rather than defending a zone.




Starter Gameplan

A simple gameplan for the Amblitz can be to stay around midrange and aggressively control space using 5M, 6H, and the Railgun (PL). Once you are confident of your opponent's movements, you can use Bayonet (Polarized) (PM) to start pressure. From there, you can push the opponent to the corner using your various attacks and end with Railgun (PL) to loop that neutral situation again.

Once in the corner, you can start to put the opponent in trickier situations by boost canceling 4H into jH for a quick overhead, or cancel it into 2M for a low option. In the corner, you can use Railgun (Polarized) (PL) as a combo extender, allowing you to easily end with Bayonet (Polarized) (PM-4PM), ensuring a knockdown and giving you access to Railgun (Polarized) (PL), which will stay close in the corner for additional pressure resets.

When at a disadvantage, you can use your mobility to disengage, or quick attacks like 5L to challenge gaps. When being zoned out, Railgun (Polarized) (PL) and Ferrofluid ┬ÁPropulsors (PH) can give you the opening you need to get back in the game. When the opponent denies you the opportunity to acquire your desired Polarity, Magnetic Step (MH) is a quick way to regain your options.

Good luck and have fun!


Amblitz Mk. II

The standard issue Amblitz, without the Assault parts. Jeanne pilots it during the first missions of the story, giving it access to a few exclusive moves including a weaker Bayonet attack.

Amblitz Mk. II Assault Type (Standard)

The Amblitz and its Assault pack, before Jeanne can customize it. It doesn't have yet access to some of the stronger options.